Hayes Autographs
"With us you don't spend it, you invest it"

Hayes Autographs

Hayes AutoGraphs
"With us you don't spend it, you invest it!

Jim was born in Charleston, SC, March 14, 1940. He grew up with a love of collecting things; coins, stamps, seashells, bottles and eventually autographs. His interest began through his love of history. While growing up, his father instilled in him the importance of previous events in Charleston and how they played a part in US History.

That initial spark was ignited further when Jim began obtaining autographs at baseball games and from cowboys at Saturday matinees. As time progressed, his autographical focus came full circle, back to the history his father taught him.  

The most amazing item he’s ever handled was a letter from Jimmy Burns to another South Carolina Governor explaining why they ran Truman for Vice President instead of him (Burns).  And the most expensive item I've ever sold: Button Gwinnett (the rarest Signer).

Jim’s two favorite subjects are politics & history, and his most prized autograph is Nathan Hale.

Jim deals in autographs and documents of the War Between the States, both sides, as well as Black History, Presidential Cabinets, Political & Military History. He got his first autograph in 1948.  

He has written six books, four of which were published and two of which are companion copies of Autographs of the War Between the States. Of the 4 published, two are about SC Sea Island History and the other two autograph-related works are the most complete on the CSA war covering both sides.

He and his wife Gloria send out a catalog approximately every two months. With a purchase of $25 or more you are assured of receiving six lists. A subscription is $10 for one year without a purchase. Two subscriptions without an occasional purchase is our limit.

Jim and Gloria live on James Island, in Charleston, SC suburbs.